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The whole list of DSTs GB2016 Wave 1 two packs, complete with best look yet, including the mystery Mate, Slimette!

But that's not all!
Toys-r-Us are getting 3 sets as well, including a not so cute Rowan and the Stay Puft Parade Balloon as exclusives!


A better look at Wave 1 of GB2016


Here's the announcment at C2E2 showing off the new GBs including the four women, a new Slimer, the Logo Ghost with a bow-tie, Slimed Patty, and a mysterious blacked out mate. #spoilers


Our first look at the new GB2016 Minimates, in the hands of the new director Paul Feig!


When asked about new Minimates or Minimate version of the Ecto-1, DSTZack on the MMMV forums responded, "One is in development, the other is under wraps. Secret characters. We may get to show the women off soon, though.."

So potentially this could mean a '84 Ecto-1 as well as a 2016 Ecto-1. Guess we'll wait and see. Keep your eyes here, as soon as news is released I'll post here!


New York Toy Fair has shown many a new Ghostbusters products, both from '84 & 2016 movies. Nothing specific for Minimates as of yet, but DST did announce a set of 4 Ghostbusters '84 Vinimates.

Vinimates are 4" stylized Vinyl Minimates which are in a posed position.

Egon and Ray are expected to release in the Summer of 2016 with Peter and Winston in the Fall.


Posted on Diamond Sleect Toys' official Facebook page and ArtAsylum's website

"Starting around the release of the film, Diamond Select will have a full assortment of Minimates mini-figures, including all four Ghostbusters, supporting cast of characters and also ghosts."

Say what you will about the reboot, but I'm excited and we here at the GBMMA will keep you up to date on all things Ghostbuster Minimate related!


Ok, so I know things are pretty quiet the last few years, but it was just announced during Diamond Select's 300th Ask DST that a Minimate Ecto-1 will be available in the near future! Now that's the only information we have so far. So whether it's the original 1984 Ecto, or the new 2016 Ecto from the new movie (which could also mean new Minimates based on that movie as well) is up in the air. For now, all we know is a Minimate Ecto-1 is in the works!


RGB BoxSet #3 is up to date with pictures of the Anti-Ghostbusters from the episode Citizen Ghost!

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